About the Announcements category

This is a low traffic category used by the RiskScape project admins for important announcements. Mostly reserved for RiskScape engine software releases.

To receive notifications of new major and point releases, please ensure that you have notifications turned on for this category.

Hi all,

Apologies, but there was a mistake in our instructions on how to receive notifications about new RiskScape releases. If you received an email notification for this post (but not a notification about the new v1.1.0 RiskScape release), then you should:

  1. Go to Announcements - RiskScape Engine Community
  2. Change your Notifications setting from ‘Normal’ to ‘Watching’. Press the bell button on the right-hand side, next to ‘New Topic’, to find these settings.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

And if you missed the release notification, but want to download the latest v1.1.0 version of RiskScape, please go to: