Cpython help - functions not available


I am trying to use the Cpython plugin but am getting the erroe that ‘Cpython functions are not available’. I thought I had set up the settings.ini correctly and get no errors when I check using: riskscape --log-level .engine.cli.CliBootstrap=info,.cpython=info --version

I can also see cpython in the plugins printed.

netcdf 1.2.0 nz.org.riskscape.netcdf.Plugin
defaults 1.2.0 nz.org.riskscape.engine.defaults.Plugin
postgis 1.2.0 nz.org.riskscape.postgis.Plugin
jython 1.2.0 nz.org.riskscape.jython.Plugin
wizard 1.2.0 nz.org.riskscape.wizard.WizardPlugin
cpython 1.2.0 nz.org.riskscape.cpython.CPythonPlugin
wizard-cli 1.2.0 nz.org.riskscape.wizard.WizardCliPlugin

Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Hi Emma

The Cpython plugin is enabled by default but requires you to tell it where to find python on your computer. I think this will be what isn’t quite right on your system. If this is the case you there should be an error like this (note this would be one of the first errors to be output):

[ERROR] Failed to start CPython plugin - 'Cannot run program "/usrs/bin/python3": error=2, No such file or directory'.  Any python functions included with your project may fail to register.

You want to take a look at CPython — RiskScape 1.5.0 documentation for instructions on how to set the python3-bin on your computer.


Thank you! I’d missed the 3 off the python-bin path