Geoprocessing in a bookmark

Is it possible to add geoprocessing into a bookmark?


location = Data/Assets/Stopbanks.gpkg
enlarge = true
enlarge-by[mode] = ROUNDED_ROUNDED
enlarge-by[distance] = 50

In this case, you might be able to do something like:

location = Data/Assets/Stopbanks.gpkg
set-attribute.geometry = buffer(geometry, 50)

Thanks Tim that works. Oddly the output is 7.7 MB vs 6.7 if the buffer is done in the pipline. The data all looks fine though.

input(relation: 'Stop_Banks')
 -> select(buffer(geom, 50))
 -> save(name: 'output', format: 'geopackage') 

In the tutorial there is a command to remove the overlap of the buffered shapes

input-exposures.enlarge-by[remove-overlaps] = true

What would be the equivalent here?

Unfortunately there’s no equivalent here. The enlarge in the wizard uses a pipeline step, so it has some extra functionality above and beyond the buffer() function.

We do have something in our backlog to make it easier to mix and match pipelines and bookmarks.