RiskScape Engine and CLI Release 1.0.0

Built 4 February 2022

The RiskScape project, today announces the general availability of the RiskScape Engine and CLI v1.0.0. This is the first public release of this software for research purposes under the AGPLv3. .

RiskScape is an open-source spatial data processing application used for multi-hazard risk analysis. RiskScape is highly customizable, letting modellers tailor the risk analysis to suit the problem domain and input data being modelled.

RiskScape (v1.0.0) is now available to download here:

Release Change log
This is the first official open-source release of RiskScape.

Note for existing users of the pre release candidates
In order to support RiskScape longer-term, some older functionality has now been deprecated.

This includes:

  • the ‘default’ template model.
  • wizard models built prior to v0.11.0.
  • pipeline INI configuration.
  • also note that some commands have been renamed.

Instructions on how to upgrade (for Zip file install) are here:

The full changelog details are available here:

Terms of use
RiskScape® is distributed for research purposes only under the terms of AGPLv3. Copyright 2022 Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited & National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited.

Please contact NIWA or GNS if you have a question regarding:

  • the scientific applications of using RiskScape for the risk analysis of hazards.
  • the licensing terms under which RiskScape can be used, e.g. you are interested in using RiskScape for commercial purposes.
  • getting paid support for your RiskScape project.

RiskScape is a collaboration between NIWA and GNS Science .
The RiskScape software project is funded by NIWA , GNS Science and EQC.
The software has been developed by Catalyst IT.