RiskScape commands not working

I’ve updated RiskScape (and Java) to the latest version, and I am trying to run a pipeline that I had, previously, working fine. Receive this error:

Possibly unrelated to that issue, I can’t get the Wizard operational:

It seems like some of the commands are not working, e.g. bookmark, model, type, pipeline, wizard. While others do, e.g. type-registry, resource-loader. Seems like anything that needs to search the directory won’t work. Any ideas?

Kia ora,

The first problem is that the riskscape pipeline run command has been deprecated. It has been replaced by the riskcape model run command, however, it will require a slight change to your project.ini file to turn the pipeline into a model. There’s more details about this here:

Sadly, the second problem appears to be a bug (an unhandled error exception). It’s probably due to something in your project.ini file. If you run the command riskscape -e wizard then it should display a stack-trace with more details about the problem. Send that stack-trace through, and hopefully it’ll shed some more light on what’s going wrong.


Thank you! Clearly didn’t look back far enough in the change log. The second issue was resolved after changes to the project.ini as well.