Welcome to the RiskScape Discourse

Welcome to the RiskScape Engine software community. The Riskscape Engine is open source software released under the AGPLv3 for research purposes. For commercial use of the software please contact GNS and NIWA. Please see the RiskScape documentation for the Licence Information

The purpose of this Discourse site is to provide a place to:

  • announce new releases of the RiskScape engine software
  • provide community level support for people using the software

Before you start
Before asking for help, please make sure you have read:

  • The FAQ and Terms of Service for this site
  • The RiskScape documentation

Who is running this site
The moderators and admins of this site are the RiskScape Engine developers. We can provide support and help with the software, but not the science that goes into building those models.

Getting help with the science
The RiskScape software developers can only provide very limited support when it comes to the science. For more information about what RiskScape can do please see the documentation at www.riskscape.org.nz

If you looking for assistance with developing a model for a particular type of natural hazard, please contact either GNS Science or NIWA.