Parameter order for Riskscape

What are the rules around the order of parameters for riskscape?

riskscape model run FloodExposure --pipeline-threads=16

gives the error unknown option: ‘–pipeline-threads=16’

but running
riskscape --pipeline-threads=16 model run FloodExposure

works fine

There are top-level CLI options that come immediately after the riskscape command, e.g. riskscape --pipeline-threads=16 .... These top-level CLI options apply to all RiskScape commands. You can read more about them here:

Then there are CLI options that are specific to a particular command, e.g. --format is specific to the riskscape model run command. These specific CLI options always go on the end of the riskscape command, e.g. riskscape model run --format csv.

You can use --help on the end of any riskscape command (or partial command) to see what CLI options are available.