Using command line parameters with 'riskscape pipeline eval'

With a model run I can use command line parameters to change the locations of input files like so


description = Reads in a CSV file and then writes the data out unchanged

[model readCSV]
framework = pipeline
location = readCSVPipeline.txt


input(bookmark('inputCSV', {location: $csvFile}))
-> save(name: 'output')

Riskscape command

C:\Users\powellj\csvParameter>riskscape model run readCSV -p "csvFile = 'test2.csv'"

Is it possible to do the same thing using

riskscape pipeline eval readCSVPipeline.txt


Hi John,

Unfortunately, pipeline eval does not have the same capabilities as it is largely provided for convenience in simple one-off use cases such as geospatial file type conversion or data filtering i.e. single step operations.

You can of course perform the substitution manually by specifying the file path in place of $csvFile in readCSVPipeline.txt which should work for this simple example, but only model runs support parameterisation for the time being.


Hi Matt,
thanks for the clarification