RiskScape being used to model landslide impacts and risk from Cyclone Gabrielle

The north island of New Zealand has been hit twice in succession by extreme weather events. First heavy rain in late January resulted in widespread flooding, and then Cyclone Gabrielle struck over the 12 to 14 of February.

The rainfall from these events has resulted in thousands of landslides. RiskScape has been used:

  • In planning the response to these events to determine where the impacts would be felt worst.
  • During the event, using rainfall data to give estimates of impacts and highlight areas of risk.

For more detail, see the following articles.

LinkedIn Article - Preparing for the landslides - Ross Roberts, Head of Engineering Resilience at Auckland Council

GeoNet Article - Thousands of landslides expected because of Cyclone Gabrielle - Interview with Chris Massey, GNS Science. https://www.geonet.org.nz/news/3l2CdhMC60pMtdJidoN6AC

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