Small university project case study of La Réunion

Hello/Kia ora/Bonjour,

Just thought I’d add a quick appreciation post of RiskScape!

A friend and I used RiskScape as part of a paper on natural catastrophe modelling for our Masters in Environmental Policy (Sciences Po, Paris). It was used for a very basic analysis of multi-hazards on the French island of La Réunion using data available from OpenStreetMap and the local government’s geospatial portal (flooding and land movements).

The documentation for RiskScape was well-written, and the getting started tutorial was particularly helpful. Awesome to see a project such as this available under an open source licence! The wizard was also well-structured.

For interest, here’s a small map of our results for a section of Saint Denis (the capital):

(Basemap: Mapbox/OpenStreetMap, Data: PEIGEO)

(Each dot represents a building, coloured according to a simple classification scale, based on a matrix of the two risks. Pre/post processing was done in QGIS.)

Look forward to seeing RiskScape going from strength to strength!

Cheers, George


Thanks for posting George! This is excellent work and great to hear that you found the documentation helpful.

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