Where can I find more info on the 'save' function

I am trying to find what additional types the save function can take for its format parameter. When I run riskscape function info save I get an error that no function with that ID exists.

C:\Users\powellj\>riskscape function info save
[WARNING] A Java upgrade is recommended. Your computer is currently using Java version 11.0.19, which will no longer be supported by future versions of RiskScape (RiskScape v1.5.0 onwards). Please upgrade to Java 17 (or higher) to ensure RiskScape will continue to run on your computer.
[WARNING] The 'beta' plugin is enabled. This contains experimental features that may significantly change or be deprecated in future releases.
No function with id 'save' exists

Hi John,

The command you’re looking for is riskscape pipeline step info save as save is a pipeline step rather than a function. You can run riskscape pipeline step list for further examples.

Otherwise, if you’re only after possible save formats, riskscape format list should do the trick.


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